Rod Wellington spent eight unfulfilling years frowning his way through a landscaping job he despised. In 2011, he parked his lawnmower for the last time and enthusiastically began pursuing his true passion: adventure. Now he smiles every day.

On April 2, 2013, Rod became the first Canadian (and first North American) to kayak the Missouri-Mississippi river system from source to sea, a distance of 3800 miles/6100km. The solo journey took 256 days to complete.

No stranger to adventure, Rod has bicycled more than 25,000km, including continental crossings of North America and Australia. He has also logged over 13,000km of river travel, including source-to-sea descents of the Mississippi River (3700km) and the Murray River, Australia’s longest waterway (2500km).

Rod is an accomplished public speaker and author of three books:

Part-Time Superheroes, Full-Time Friends

River Angels

Wet Exit: A Bold Story of Suicide and Self-Rescue on Australia's Longest River