Book update!

    My new book, "Part-Time Superheroes, Full-Time Friends," goes on sale Friday, July 3 at 9:00am EST. Signed paperbacks, print-on-demand paperbacks, and eBook versions will be available, as well as other book related merchandise (including some very cool t-shirts). I will post purchase information on Friday morning. Thanks in advance for your support. :)

    Book synopsis:

    At first glance, the small town of Chatham, Ontario would seem an unlikely place to produce a pair of adventurous superheroes. But where better to find dreamers, risk-takers, rule breakers, and peacemakers than in a small town wracked long with bad luck and economic hardship?

    Rod Wellington and Scott McFarlane are two such dreamers. From their basement rock star beginnings to their cross-country jaunts and big city missteps, these two lifelong friends have supported each other through thick and thin. However, when Rod asks Scott to join him on a source to sea journey down the Mississippi River in a small boat, a rising tide of sunken resentment threatens to end not only their river voyage, but their friendship as well. Can their well-intentioned alter-egos, Action Man and Jim, save the day?

    Part-Time Superheroes, Full-Time Friends is a courageously candid and insightfully emotional journey through the uneven and unpredictable landscape of a soul-searching mind. One part memoir and one part adventure travel story, this cathartic quest for identity in a world of anonymity is sure to have you examining your own engrained perceptions of the word “friendship.”