In June 2012, Canadian self-propelled adventurer Rod Wellington began a 15-year journey that will see him descend the longest river system on each continent from source to sea. Using human power alone, Rod plans to travel on foot, raft, and kayak, covering each metre of every river without the aid of motorized transport. Along the way, the Magnificent Seven Expedition is sure to present Rod with an unending array of mental, physical, and logistical challenges – all duly balanced by a healthy surplus of satisfying successes and profound personal insights.

Utilizing a host of satellite communications equipment, powered mainly with compact solar panels and interconnected to the world via online social media sites, the rigours and rewards of daily expedition life will be conveyed through a potent mix of photographs, videos, and blog posts. Doing so will allow the Magnificent Seven Expedition to showcase its primary mission of sharing with the public the educational and inspirational benefits of low impact, long distance, self-powered, eco-responsible exploration.

Stage One: North America – Missouri-Mississippi river system (completed 2012/2013)

Stage Two: Australia – Darling-Murray river system – Summit to Source to Sea  (January - June 2017)

The world’s seven continents and their respective longest river system

Africa – Nile River – 6650km (4130 miles)
South America – Amazon River – 6400km (3980 miles)
Asia – Yangtze River – 6300km (3915 miles)
North America – Missouri-Mississippi River – 6100km (3800 miles)
Australia – Darling-Murray River – 3930km (2455 miles)
Europe – Volga River – 3645km (2265 miles)
Antarctica – Onyx River – 40km (25 miles)

*These river lengths are the subject of much debate. All lengths are approximate.