This 2005 expedition saw Rod pedal 4800km from his home in Vancouver to the most northerly point accessible by road in North America, Deadhorse, Alaska, a stone’s throw from the Arctic Ocean and the site of the beginning of the Alaska Pipeline at Prudhoe Bay. During the trip Rod twice crossed the Rocky Mountains (west to east, then east to west) and also crossed the north-south continental divide of the fabulously beautiful Brooks Range in northern Alaska. Along the way Rod pedalled the lengths of the Sea to Sky Highway in southwestern BC, the Alaska Highway (BC, Yukon, Alaska) and the challenging Dalton Highway in northern Alaska. Click on the links below to view a fascinating two-part television series on the Dalton Highway as well as a short interview with Rod and footage of him in action. (Video courtesy of

Open Road – Dalton Highway – Part 1

Open Road – Dalton Highway – Part 2 (Interview is at beginning of part 2.)